The need for collision repair work is an event that most people will only have to go through a few times in their lives. Vehicle collision repair is continuously becoming more difficult as the technologies and materials used when making the vehicle continue to advance. High quality repairs, focused on safety, is of the upmost importance; therefore, feeling confident in the facility that you choose is the most important step you will take through the claims process. 

1. FIND A QUALITY AUTO REPAIR SHOP. Insurance companies will tell you that they have “preferred body shops”. Their preferred body shop are simply the companies that will give the insurance company, not the customer, the largest discount on the work. This has nothing to do with the quality or safety of the repair. 

Find the right repair shop for you by doing your research and going with your gut. Who has the right equipment? What are their reviews like? Who invests in continual training? How long have they been an established company? Will they complete manufacturer research to ensure that they are correctly repairing the vehicle?

2. KNOW THAT YOU DON’T OWE ANYTHING MORE BY GOING TO A “NON-PREFERRED” REPAIR FACILITY. The insurance is responsible for paying the cost to restoring a vehicle “back to pre-accident” condition, regardless of the facility chosen.

3. WARRANTIES ARE THROUGH THE FACILITY, NOT THE INSURANCE.  This lie always makes us laugh. Insurance companies have been known to mislead consumers by telling them that if they go to a non-preferred facility, the work will not be warrantied. Why does this make us laugh? Well, the insurance companies have NEVER been the ones to warranty work, the shop is responsible warranties. Choose a reputable facility that provides a reliable warranty and that stands behind their work.

4. ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES WORK WITH WHATEVER FACILITY IS CHOSEN BY THE CUSTOMER. Occasionally, insurance companies will say that they do not work with the shop of your choosing or that they have only worked with the facility a “couple of times”. All established facilities know how to work with all insurance companies.


The decision is completely yours! Choose the shop that you trust! Talk to friends, family, colleagues. Look at reviews. Ask questions! Make thoughtful decisions.


Trust your gut when you are receiving your initial estimate and know that whatever facility you choose, should represent your interests, not those of the insurance company. As the facility AND the insurance company both work for YOU!